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Amui Ptah was born to an unwedded, teenage Mother, who later turned to drugs, addiction and neglection of her son. Angels watching over him sent his grandmother to protect and care for him. Am​ui began singing at the age of 4. The christian influence landed him in the choir of young adults at his family church in Harlem, where he soon became the lead singer. He continued to sing throughout his school years; he participated in school plays and talent shows.

His mother passed away when he was 15. This traumatic experience turned him to a life of self-destruction, degragation and crime, which ended in his incarceration for an extended period of 14.5 years. Soon after his entering the prison system, Amui realized that he needed to reevaluate and reconstruct his life. He then obtained his G.E.D and went on to study Psychology at Mercy College on a TAP grant. When that grant was revoked from the prisoners' use, Amui enrolled in The New York Theological Seminary.

Since his release to the society, Amui has been singing in the subway platform, where he was introduced to Aya Minatoya, a musical composer who soon became his partner in songwriting and producing his music. Amui has been performing at both public and private events such as weddings, birthdays and dinner dance. He has also volunteered his time at a non-profit organization.

Amui is currently in the studio recording his first album, as he continues to write new songs. 

       "Since music is a universal language,

                then I must communicate musically with the world."


                                                                                                            -Amui Ptah

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