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   I awoke one morning in late February of 1997 to an unusually sunny day and to three walls surrounding me and a nice set of bars to complete the attachment. "Sing Sing" maximum lock down; well, as I gazed longingly beyond the bars of my temporary cage toward the bright sun streaming through the window. With the force as if I had been slapped by a silverback gorrila, this thought stuck me. Here I am existing as something called a human being, with a spirit/soul, mind, brain and a host of other functions, inside of something called a planet, which to remind you is alive, and is rotating around something calleda Sun at the unbelievable speed of 1,040 miles per hour, in something called a universe and still yet, in something called a galaxy. At the very moment of comprehension I was compelled to ask myself the question of five W's; who, what, when, where and why.  Am I all that I am, and what should I do about it?

    Every human being is birthed with a natural talent. Something that they do well without training. Depending on the level of natural talent, training would be suiting. In the "great universal mind", my talents as bestowed upon me also have a relative road of particular travel. Mans quest, find and develope hidden talents, find the road and travel it. Mentally build it until it is beyond your mental, emotional and spiritual capacity to withhold it. Then physically you gradually allow it to become. All based on your power of mental, imagery, thought projection and Will, you create what you Will be.


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